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Thank you for your interest in learning more about us.  Our child safety and baby proofing company, Baby Boundaries, has been helping make homes safer for the last seven years.  As a professional childproofer, I was constantly in homes that had sliding pocket doors and swing doors that needed to be secured higher up so that their children and large pets would not be able to access potentially dangerous areas like closets, bathrooms, utility rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.  

I found that when given the various options available on the market to secure their pocket doors, like hook and eye hardware screwed into the door face, or burglar bar and wedge type products that are stuck with adhesives to the door face, many parents would decide to forego locking their pocket door because these options either damage the door face or molding, create wide openings, or do not allow the door to be opened and closed from both sides. It bothered me because I knew that the home would be safer if these doors were secured and it bothered me.  I began to think of ways to overcome these negatives. After a year and a half of R & D, the Door Smoocher™ was created.  It does not damage the door face or molding, it keeps the door locked up high and allows you to open and close the door from both sides. 

The Door Smoocher™ is wholly unique and counter-intuitive because it uses the space between the door and door frame to allow the lock handle mechanism to operate where one would think there would not be room for a lock to operate.  

I am confident the Door Smoocher™ pocket and swing door lock will childproof your single and double sliding pocket and swing-style doors without the drawbacks of all the other market solutions available and help keep your children and large pets out of dangerous areas in your home. Watch the how to childproof your pocket door video to see the Door Smoocher™ in action. 


Safer Homes,



Kevin Cohen

Baby Boundaries LLC

Inventor, The Door Smoocher™