General Terms and Conditions

Baby Boundaries LLC and any of its agents, assigns and successors hereby reserves the right to cancel, for any reason, any purchase made prior to shipment thereof. In the event Baby Boundaries LLC invokes its right to cancel, it will refund the entire purchase price within 5 business days of the purchase.


30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee


You may return your purchase within 30 day of the delivery date for any reason.


Retail Buyers Return and Parts Replacement Policy 


In the event of a return for refund or request for replacement parts, a retail buyer is required to notify seller in writing via email to to inform seller the item(s) is being returned for refund or is requesting replacement parts.


All returns for refund must be sent via a tracking system, whether it be UPS, FedEx or USPS, and said tracking number and estimated delivery date must be provided with return notification email. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping and handling costs. Seller will return refund purchase price via Paypal on credit card used on purchase. Seller shall have 10 business days from date item is received by seller to refund the purchase price.


Seller will request Buyer send pictures of broken parts to be replaced. On confirmation, Seller will send Buyer replacement parts free of charge. However, Seller reserves the right to ask Buyer to return broken replacement parts to Seller at Buyers expense before replacement parts are sent in the case of multiple requests for replacement parts over time.


Product Warranties


Baby Boundaries LLC and any of its agents, assigns and successors offer no additional warranties or guarantees other than those allowable by law.



Door Smoocher Door Smoocher

WARNING: The DoorSmoocher™ is designed to help secure interior pocket and swing doors and under no circumstances should be considered as a replacement for adult supervision. Keep out of reach of children under 5.

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