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Our clever greyhound recently figured out how to open our

pocket doors with her NOSE!!  Luckily, I found the door smoocher -- on

Amazon, I think.  Just installed 2 door smoochers and am telling

everyone about them!  The directions (written plus video) were the best

directions I have EVER read.  It was nearly impossible to make a

mistake. Lois F., Pittsburg, PA

After doing some research online on ways to baby-proof a pocket
door, I came across mention of your product.  After reading several
reviews and watching a video of it in action, I decided to purchase one.
My wife and I impatiently awaited the delivery, which was surprisingly
quick, and now don't know how we ever could live without it having two
small children who get into everything.  I am now about to purchase a
second one for our kitchen which has two pocket doors.  Thanks for
making such a useful product.  We will definitely be recommending this
to friends with small children or animals able to open their pocket
doors. Scott L., Woodland, CA

I have double pocket doors between my master bathroom and bedroom suite. Sometimes I am in the bedroom and do not want my toddler in the bathroom suite and other times when I am getting ready in the bathroom suite, I want to keep him in my line of sight and out of the bedroom. The DoorSmoocher™ pocket door latch is the perfect solution. The DoorSmoocher™ is out of my toddler’s reach, locks and unlocks from both sides and is barely noticeable. I could not be more pleased with my DoorSmoocher™. Carlyn N, Atlanta, GA

I needed to secure my swing door between my kitchen and dining room because my Bernese Mountain dog was able to push the door open. I wanted a lock that would let us lock and unlock the door from both sides and not damage the face of the door. The DoorSmoocher lock was the perfect solution. Now my dog is safe, we can come and go from both sides, the door face is not damaged and it looks great. What more can you ask for?  Barbara C, Tampa, Florida 

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